HBI's training programs are national in scope but implemented locally, using proven models that can be customized to meet the workforce needs of communities across the United States and internationally. Through certification programs, mentoring, pre-apprenticeship training and job placement services, HBI prepares students with the skills and experience they need for careers in the building industry. Its programs benefit a variety of people, including at-risk and underserved populations. HBI programming includes:

Pre-Apprenticeship: Students who complete training through HBI Job Corps and HBI PACT meet the standards for pre-apprenticeship, qualifying them for entry-level employment in their respective trades. 

  • HBI Job Corps -  More than 3,000 underserved and court-involved youth each year, get real, hands-on building trades training through HBI’s Job Corps’ 149 programs at 73 sites across the United States.
  • HBI PACT - Before the 1990s, training and certification in the home building industry was being conducted by piecemeal programs across the nation. HBI recognized the industry’s need for a training program that included vocational and academic learning with on-the-job training. The result was the award-winning and result driven PACT program.

Mentoring: HBI Mentoring matches youth interested in careers in building with mentors from the industry.

RCS Designation: The Residential Construction Superintendent (RCS) Designation coursework enhances the knowledge and skills of home building or remodeling site field professionals.

Instructor and Student Certification: HBI offers instructor and student certification for those organizations offering the RCA series in their classrooms. The RCA series of textbooks are written to the national skill standards created by the building industry. 

The HBI Veterans Program: The HBI Veterans Program empowers our nation’s veterans with the skills and experience they need to build meaningful careers in the construction industry. For veterans seeking skills and opportunity, the program promises job readiness and career connections—helping veterans achieve economic self-sufficiency and offering opportunities for lifelong learning and graduated earning potential.


For more than three decades HBI has built careers and pathways to futures once beyond reach. We have never asked for help. We are now.


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