Electrical Wiring

Electricians install, connect, test, and maintain wiring systems.

Skills include:

  • Install circuits
  • Maintain lighting, power, climate control and security systems
  • Install electrical conduit and wiring for homes and commercial sites
  • Wire switches, receptacles, and lighting fixtures
  • Test and repair circuits and equipment
  • Use green building techniques to reduce resources and conserve energy
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Demands of the Job

Much of the work can involve bending and standing for long periods of time, and can include performing tasks in dusty, dirty, hot, frigid or wet conditions, and in confined areas and ditches.


Land developers, electrical contractors, general contractors, remodelers, and landscaping companies are examples of business that might hire an entry-level electrical worker. As you expand your skills, many different career paths are available — some requiring years of experience in the trade and further education.

Engineer discussing with foreman about project in building construction site

Average Wage:

$16.49 per hour

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  • General Electrical
  • Contractor
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical Inspector
  • Electrical Supply
  • Manager
  • Job Superintendent
  • Product Sales
  • Instructor
  • Journeyperson
  • Electrician
  • Electrician Apprentice
  • Electrical Helper