Fact Sheets

HBI is a national leader in construction career training, offering certification programs, mentoring, pre-apprenticeships, advanced training, apprenticeships, job placement services and more. Our programs prepare students from diverse backgrounds, including at-risk and underserved populations such as youth, veterans, displaced workers and formerly incarcerated persons, with the skills and experience necessary to build successful, long-term careers in the building industry.


Qualified HBI graduates can expand their education and experience by entering advanced training programs. These programs are offered at limited Job Corps Centers around the country and are currently available in the following trades:

  • Advanced Electrical Service Technician
  • Advanced Plumbing Service Technician
  • Advanced HVAC Preventative Maintenance Technician
  • Advanced Solar Photovoltaic Technician

HBI Job Corps · Under Department of Labor contract, more than 2,000 at-risk youth receive real-life, hands-on training in one of six building trades with HBI Job Corps. · HBI’s 116 Job Corps programs are available at 65 sites nationwide.

More than 2,000 at-risk youth each year receive real-life, hands-on building trades training through HBI Job Corps’ 116 programs at 65 sites across the U.S.

HBI Job Corps students can choose from building training across a diverse range of trades, including electrical wiring, building construction technology, HVAC, landscaping, plumbing and solar installation.

Graduates on the Move

Once a student graduates, HBI Job Corps offers job placement and transition assistance, helping individuals find a job, housing, and transportation. Qualified HBI graduates can expand their education and experience by entering advanced training programs. HBI places about 80% of HBI Job Corps graduates in construction sector employment or additional training programs, including registered apprenticeship.


BCT JTM $14.26

Landscape JTM $12.44

Electrical JTM $14.74

AT Electrical JTM $15.68

Plumbing JTM $14.31

HVAC JTM $13.07

Averages are based on graduates who were placed in jobs that matched the trade.

BCT = Building Construction Technology

JTM = Job Trade Match

AT=Advanced Training