HBI is pleased to announce complimentary access to online learning alternatives to Home Builder Associations (HBAs) through May 31 in response to increasing K-12 requests across the nation. The Flexible Instruction Day (FID) material does not require textbooks or workbooks to accommodate self-paced student learning. Fundamental knowledge and skills, such as safety, communication, social media presence and interviewing are examples of subject areas that will be organized into online learning paths.

HBAs may forward the above message and following instructions as requests for online resources are received from local schools and training programs:

1. Self-register here https://hbi.litmos.com/self-signup/. Students should use code HBAStudent32020 and instructors should use code HBA32020.

2. Content will provided each week based on the following schedule:

  • Week 1 – content available starting Monday, 3/23
  • Week 2 – content available starting Monday, 3/30
  • Week 3 – content available starting Monday, 4/6
  • Week 4 – content available starting Monday, 4/13

3. Week 1 FID material will be available for the following:

  • Safety Hazards in the Workplace
  • Responsible Social Media & Technology Use
  • Health Talks: Sleep & Stress Edition
  • Interviewing Skills and Good Communication
  • Driver Safety

4. Coursework can also be completed via mobile device through the SAP Litmos Training app in Google Play or the App Store. Enter “hbi” in the domain field to gain access to the login screen.

5. Need additional ideas to provide instructional support for your students during this time? View HBI’s additional online learning tips and resources here.

6. Need further support? View a brief demo here. You may also contact LMSsupport@hbi.org.

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