By Lynne Harris, HBI Vice President, Corporate Communications

The time has come…it’s here and now! Let’s celebrate framers, the carpenters who shape and build the houses people call home. We don’t often take time to think about and appreciate framers, America’s unsung heroes. So, here’s an opportunity.

During the month of September, Norbord, Inc., an international global manufacturer of wood-based panels, is leading an effort for all of us to give back and appreciate framers for their work and persistence in helping us live the American dream. The Thank-a-Framer campaign recognizes the contributions of framers to our lives, shows them appreciation and encourages others to give back to future framers.

This year marks HBI’s 50th year of career technical training in the building industry. Each year, nearly 8,500 individuals are enrolled in HBI construction training programs across the country. Many of them become trained and certified carpenters and framers, ready for a career in the building industry. HBI’s curriculum is also licensed to nearly 150 partners nationwide. Today, as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, HBI depends on funders to help set up our programs and keep them viable.

As the labor shortage continues to loom over the building industry, we need more individuals who are trained with work-ready trades skills to build and rebuild communities in our country, especially during times of natural disasters and devastation.

Join the campaign. Here are three ways to Thank-a-Framer today.

1.       Visit, watch the video and share it using #thankaframer.

2.       Donate to HBI and encourage others to contribute.

3.       Enter Norbord’s contest and win great prizes.

Let’s celebrate framers who have helped build our lives in so many ways.


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