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Now is the Time to Train
The current housing downturn will not solve the skilled worker shortage crisis in construction. An additional 2.2 million skilled tradespeople are still needed through 2024 to keep up with housing demand. Now is the time to invest in skilled trades training.

"Boosting skills training today will help the industry better serve home buyers and renters in the near term and for the years to come."

Partner with the Home Builders Institute (HBI) on the expansion of trade skills training and education so that American homes will be more readily available and affordable when the housing market rebounds.

Here’s What You Can Do: 

  • Help us reach and build the next generation of skilled workers. 
    • Partner with HBI to bring a career technical education program to a secondary school near you. 
    • Partner with local organizations to recruit and train diverse and nontraditional populations into the industry, including women and minorities. 
  • Hire talent from HBI’s graduating classes. 
    • HBI’s graduating students are ready to work and have the necessary credentials and hands-on experience to excel in a professional environment. 
  • Collaborate with industry partners on the expansion of trades training programs across the country.
    • Connect with local educators, labor unions, businesses and home builders’ associations (HBAs) that can promote, create and sponsor training programs in their communities.
  • Change the narrative about careers in construction. 
    • Attractive and lucrative career path with low barriers to entry.
    • Practical alternative for those who don’t want to or can’t attend college. 
  • Rethink ways to attract workers from a competitive labor pool. 
    • Stand apart from service industry jobs by providing better wages and benefits. 

HBI in the News: Home-building Needs a Makeover by Lorraine Woellert for Politico

The Home Builders Institute will be at the International Builders Show in Las Vegas from Tuesday, 1/31 – Thursday, 2/2. Visit us at our booths in the South Hall #SU436 and Central Hall #19.

The Home Builders Institute (HBI) is the nation’s leading provider of skilled trades training and education. With over 600 programs across the country, we provide no-cost skilled trades training to transitioning military, veterans, underserved and underrepresented populations, justice-involved youth and adults, and middle and high school students. We are committed to building careers, changing lives, and supporting the dream of middle-class home ownership. 

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